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July 25, 2007

Chris Abraham: "Blogosphere is a marathon, not a sprint."

From time to time we at Hull McGuire and WAC?--having no real agenda except to do interesting legal work for the best clients all over the world and get real rich doing it--have asked: "Is blogging really important?" And: "Does blogging 'work'?"

Importantly, we also have wondered: "Why is Keith Richards still alive?" and "Why does the Moon follow us when we drive?". Ever thought about that?

Anyway, getting back to blogging and blawging, DC-based blogging

pioneer Chris Abraham is WAC?'s friend, mentor, uber-advisor, and a serious Renaissance man. He and a wise telecom lawyer named Del Bianco got us to start WAC? two years ago. So we read Chris's blog more often than he may realize.

Chris is also not a lawyer, and therefore frequently makes sense. At his site Because the Medium is the Message, a recent post asks "Is Blogging Starting to Fade?". See his answer. Blawging pioneer-proponent and trial lawyer Kevin O'Keefe, who we also admire, should like this one.

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