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December 13, 2008

Small, Sluggish, Insular.

And self-pitying. Coming soon: "A Passion for Mediocrity". It will be at least one post--but possibly a series, a new blog, or a new think tank on the scale of Brookings, Heritage or AEI.

"SSI" will cover in vivid detail how some "team members" of car rental companies (okay, Alamo is one), airlines, grocery stores, gas stations, IT consultant, health care providers and law firms often regard "work" during the current recession in one "flyover" American city. And these people often have children; they instruct them on work and life.

No wonder Americans can't make and sell anything that anyone wants to buy. Can we bail them out with counseling? With appeals to self-respect? And teach them not to ever say to a customer, client or patient the words: "I'm on my break"?

Stay tune. WAC? takes back everything it ever said about the Gen Y Slackoeisie (well, not everything).

We found a new nadir. And it's a disease: "Post-union daze".


(M. Judge/MTV)

Posted by JD Hull at December 13, 2008 11:29 PM


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