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January 23, 2009

Redux: Ernie's Churchyard Find.

Ernie From Glen Burnie. Not his real name--but he's a real person, a D.C. lawyer with a golden resume everyone speaks about in low tones (which he thinks is pathetic). We like to protect him. He made partner a long time ago, still tries cases everywhere, and writes well-received fiction on the side; so he probably doesn't care. Some nights he can be found at The Old Ebbitt, in the smaller bar in the back left, drinking a lot of coffee, so maybe you've already met him. He's rarely alone. Women like him. He doesn't eat much. He talks a lot, in a lyrical yet measured way. Ernie always makes a good point, however he has to make it. See The 7 Habits of Highly Useless Corporate Lawyers.

Posted by Holden Oliver (Kitzb├╝hel Desk) at January 23, 2009 12:21 AM


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