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June 04, 2009

The Economist: Please Don't Kill Yankee Drive.


Even Brits like us "the way we were". In an opinion piece that will trouble the Slackoeisie, and more senior looters in the new sloth movement, the 166-year-old The Economist graces us with "Piling On: In His Zeal To Fix Capitalism, Barack Obama Must Not Stifle America’s Dynamism". Excerpts:

The American economy is dynamic because Americans like it that way, even now. A Pew poll released on May 21st found that 76% of Americans agree that the country’s strength is “mostly based on the success of American business” and 90% admire people who “get rich by working hard”.

America’s free-market capitalism has always been a model for the rest of the world. By all means fix its flaws, Mr Obama; but do not take its dynamism for granted.

Thank you, sirs.

To unfashionable working lawyers in the West: Whether or not a post-war European statism sloth trend "takes" in the U.S., let's never send messages to doers, innovators, inventors, passionate employees, and other "huntin' dogs"--in our clients' or our own workplaces--that they and their energies are no longer PC, no longer valued, or otherwise not welcome. Keep the class. Dump the trash.

Posted by JD Hull at June 4, 2009 12:40 AM


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