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May 04, 2010

Solo, Small, Medium, Muscle Boutique or 3000+

Lawyer: "We're your friends. We're not like the others."

Duke: "No more of that talk, or I'll..."

--From first chapter of famous post-Kerouac road novel

How often does a magazine 10 months old help you do anything? Here are some fine resources for the washed, unwashed, in-between, employed, unemployed, underemployed, elites, profs, geeks, minders, finders, grinders and generic law cattle: "50 Web Resources for the Suddenly Solo Lawyer" by Jim Calloway and Allison Shields in the July 2009 edition of Law Practice Today. Caution re: the stuff on stress management: If you really need to get smarter on that, maybe you signed up for the wrong post-graduate study. Law practice is stress. Our suggestion: Make stress your friend. Shake hands with Mr. Stress.

Posted by Holden Oliver (Kitzb├╝hel Desk) at May 4, 2010 01:07 AM


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