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November 25, 2010

Atlantic Review: Is the War on Hysteria now Transatlantic?

Our friends at the Atlantic Review--the Berlin-based press digest founded in 2003 by German and American Fulbright alumni--write that "Like America, Germany Needs More Sanity, Less Hysteria". Excerpts from a piece written by mainstay and AR co-founder Joerg Wolfe:

Where are the German Jon Stewarts, who could restore some sanity over here? The debate in Germany about multiculturalism and Muslims, immigration and integration is full of hysteria.

Christianity in Germany is not under attack by Islam. The real problem is that more and more Christians lost interest in practicing their own religion. [more]


The Brandenburg Gate, completed in 1791, is the last remaining Berlin gate. It is still a German symbol of peace, stability and wisdom.

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