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December 30, 2010

Vote for The Legal Satyricon in the ABA Blawg 100--or we'll pull the trigger.

kill this dog.jpg
Rags the Dog this morning in Salzburg, Austria.

You've only a few hours left. Same for Rags. So Vote Here Now.

Yeah, you know us--and we'll do it. In previous posts, we've written about Marc Randazza and his The Legal Satyricon because we admire his Brains, Moxie, Lawyerness and his flat-out king-hell expert's-refined respect for the First Amendment. We are also a little afraid of Marc--for reasons we can't go into right now, and are only marginally related to the fact that we've met with him in San Diego several times, know him personally pretty well and suspect he's at least part Italian--and do not wish to incur his ire. We strive, always, to please him. We do hedge our bets.

But Rags the Dog is way more afraid; he knows he'll go down and decorate a nice Austrian hotel room if there's not a big win today for LS in the ABA Blawg 100 category for IMHO. Voting ends close-of-business today (for us Dorks that's 6:00 ET). Holden Oliver, who cares little for canine life, has Rags right now in an undisclosed Salzburg inn in the old part of the city up against that big-ass cliff near St. Peter's cemetery. Once given an order, Holden cannot be expected to alter his course. For Rags, please vote now.

Posted by JD Hull at December 30, 2010 01:29 PM


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