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January 05, 2011

The 112th Congress: Bring It. But Bring Jobs.

I'm so nervous I just sit and smile. I worked "up there" twice but I never saw this: (a) 15% real unemployment, (b) a split-as-hell Congress, (c) a new but able Speaker with the personality of a lead weight, and (d) a black U.S. President with a 50% approval rating and the luck and fortune of a grown-up Ferris Bueller. See for starters today's The Hill. And Sarah Palin's still a Total Betty. (I do like her smile.) By the way, if you are a lawyer or other professional of any age or specialty and think all this Congress stuff above doesn't concern you, you're wrong. Please think more about that nice job at Sears.

Posted by JD Hull at January 5, 2011 11:59 PM


America is about to learn how fundamentally flawed the Constitution is as a political document, principally 2 senators and electoral votes for each state.

These flaws that resulted in the horror of the Civil War and they are about to rip the Nation apart, especially when combined with what is euphemistically referred to as by students of persuasion and compliance as decision making bias by a spoiled uninformed populace.

Had the Republicans in 1865 been real people like the founding Fathers, they would have corrected the fundamental flaws. The rest is history, which we are left to suffer.

For example, being confronted with decline, the American psychological response has been a call to return power to the states. The response is totally one of defeat and represents deep psychological flaws in our populace.

What State can compete with China? Even if we had all 300 + million of us pulling on the same oars in the same direction, we cannot compete, sans cloning. The formula is simple: More people = more genius, when combined with ever bigger super computers, via programing = MORE POWER OF EVERY SORT

Project out just a few years and consider only one of our new military toys---drones. This weapon is nothing but software, chips and circuit boards, a GPS antenna and a $10.00 camera, and an explosive DIY, now, and you can already control your own drone with an IPhone or IPad app through an onboard camera

Foxconn will soon have totally robotic production of chips and boards. China other assemblers will have robotics for the other parts plus assembly.

In 10 years +/- the arms race will be between tens of thousands of drones/UAVs.

Just a few days ago the Navy announced that China can now exclude our aircraft carriers from the Seas around China with new anti-ship missiles. Sure there is some banter that they may not be effective, but as an Admiral are you going to now order the USS Ronald Reagan into the equivalent of Midway, reversed? Film of a burning aircraft carrier with all its aircraft downed by drones is not going to play well at home.

The French Exocet was used effectively in 1982, 28 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

In sum, that announcement about China's missiles was the 21st century equivalent to when Bill Mitchell sank the ships in 1921.

We have a very very narrow window. When China is able to find out nuclear subs it will game over for our military power.

American's have become Bourbons, never learning and never forgetting.

Posted by: Moe Levine at January 5, 2011 11:21 AM

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