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February 17, 2011

The Economist: After Mubarak.

For the long view of "what Egypt means", do see this one: The Autumn of the Patriarchs. Excerpts:

Since the fall of Mr Mubarak, numerous mini-revolutions have taken place across Egypt. Journalists have overthrown their editors, workers their union leaders, professors their university deans. Even the police have returned to the streets, striking to demand the removal of the senior officers they blame for their disgrace.

For the rest of the region, the attraction of these revolutions goes beyond the satisfaction of seeing despised dictators hounded from office. During Egypt’s long period of stagnation under Mr Mubarak, Cairo, once the undisputed centre of the Arab world, was increasingly eclipsed by such upstarts as Dubai and Beirut.

Now, suddenly, the heroic imagery and rousing lyrics of Egypt’s revolution permeate Arab airwaves.

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