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January 26, 2012

At TechRepublic: Anonymity in Social Media.

Two days ago at TechRepublic Jason Falls wrote about "The case of anonymity in social media". One lawyer Falls interviewed said that courts are just starting to police anonymous commenting on websites, but that it's a "growing trend". Excerpt:

Anonymous comments are often the bane of every community manager’s existence. Even the website editorial staffs for major newspapers - perhaps the biggest perpetrators of allowing anonymity online - hate the fact random people can leave random anything on their websites.

Gannett, one of the largest publishers of newspapers and media properties in the world, introduced article comments in 2006 and, according to social media director Jodi Gersh, the company’s dismay with comments has grown. Now the media giant is pushing toward holding commentors accountable for their words.

With thanks to Kevin Driscoll (not pictured above).

Posted by JD Hull at January 26, 2012 12:32 AM



I really have to disagree on this, based on new evidence.

Since the world descended into the Lesser Depression I have been whiping myself by reading macro econ blogs.

Right after Christmas and before the big annual Econ. meeting in Chicago in early Jan a mega huge blog war broke out between the salt and fresh water schools. Take sides and take no prisoners stuff. It is getting uglier and still ongoing. Go read a St. Louis dude, Steven Williamson, whom DeLong has labeled the Second Dumbest Guy in the World (TM) Google: DeLong, Krugman, Cochrane, Williamson, Noah Opinion, and others. No just name calling, I mean nasty mean down in the gutter cursing etc.

Now Moe has a POV, but the anon comments, obviously made by very well informed people, are how you get the truth, pick the winners (DeLong and Krugman), and spot the real AHs

I can throw in a little, but the anon people have the book, chapter, page, line and math model.

AS Edward Bennett Williams would say, they got the early cites and Shepard's on their side.

Bottom line, but for the anon. comments, one could not figure out this battle for the heart and sole of the macro economic world.

You future, by the way, is at stake. The freshwater side are openly pandering for jobs with Mitt, promising austerity until you bled from you know where. And this isn't going to be protected sex.

IOW, Moe is now more firmly in the anon. camp than ever.

Posted by: Moe Levine at January 29, 2012 09:55 PM

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