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August 07, 2012

Hooters: Personally, I don't like to watch. But apparently there's a nice market for it.

I hope Hooters, the restaurant chain, makes it.

I've only been to a Hooters once, and I can't see its appeal. (Note: At the one a friend took me to in Pittsburgh several years ago the women who worked there hardly rocked my world; they were a tad portly and I would never have flirted with any of them on an airplane or at a party.) I think anything interesting and fun in this world--sex, sports, working, practicing law and life generally--is exciting and valuable to me only if I can participate in it directly or (at a minimum) learn something from it so that I can participate later. So Watching Anything has not cut it for me much. I watch little TV. I don't think strip joints are sexy. And I think porn, in the main, is sad. I love sports, too. I would just rather play them than watch them. There are quite a few athletic things--team sports or solitary--you can do your whole life.

But I loved reading (a form of watching, in this case) a few years back about the reaction my local community had to successful plans to start a Hooters here up on a hill near Interstate 15. Many of the transplanted Midwesterners in San Diego County (that is a big part of the population here) often hate things like Hooters, medical marijuana and anything that might smack of New York, LA, urban multi-culturalism or the often "distasteful" side of commmerce, marketing or the First Amendment. While my own Midwest-based family is a culturally liberal tribe of mainly moderate Republicans, I grew up with and do still like the more reactionary Heartland folks--but they often blow tubes over stuff like Hooters. And it's comical. I am entertained. They generally lose those battles. That, folks, is something I will watch.

Meanwhile, Hooters, the restaurant chain, obviously has been onto something all along--even while I don't get it. It is reevaluating things. See in Time "Hooters’ Big Experiment: New Menu, New Decor and a New Target Audience".

Hooters Plans for The Future.

Posted by JD Hull at August 7, 2012 12:42 AM


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