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October 29, 2012

Charon QC's UK Law Tour: Report No. 1

Out of Kent, England, our friend Charon QC's Van Rouge Tour begins. And whether we like it or not, The Law is All Pervasive:

It exists in every cell of life. It affects everyone virtually all of the time. It governs everything in life and even what happens to us after life. It applies to everything from the embryo to exhumation. It governs the air we breathe, the food and drink that we consume, our travel, sexuality, family relationships, and our property. It applies at the bottom of the ocean and in space. It regulates the world of sport, science, employment, business, political liberty, education, health services, everything, in fact, from neighbour disputes to war....


Posted by JD Hull at October 29, 2012 01:51 PM


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