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November 07, 2014

Every Day Thousands of Men Are Being Publicly "Harassed" On Twitter. Who Will Stand Up For Us?


Listen. I'm a man. I'm sensitive.

Men. There are 3.6 billion of us on Earth. And both studies and anecdotal evidence confirm that, every day, thousands of men are being publicly "harassed" on Twitter. This news item, a post by the Women, Action and Media (WAM!) appeared on my Zite feed yesterday morning: "Harassment of Women on Twitter? We’re ON IT". But who will stand up for men when Public Online Real Life Unpleasantness (a/k/a Twitter PORLU) happens? Twitter PORLU affects everyone--every family, company, congregation, locker room, biker club, crack house, man cave, bath house, saloon and bowling team on the planet. Public Online Real Life Unpleasantness on Twitter. It respects no gender. Let us all--men, women, "others"--find a way to put our bodies on the Twitter Machine and stop it.

Isn't it time?

Public Online Real Life Unpleasantness: It happens. To everyone.

Image above: WAM!

Posted by JD Hull at November 7, 2014 01:56 PM


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