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April 02, 2016

Happy 71st birthday, Eric Patrick Clapton.

Happy (Belated) 71st Birthday Eric Patrick "God" Clapton (b. March 30 1945). I first heard you on Yardbirds tracks I started collecting at 13 but 2 weeks after my 15th birthday on March 10, 1968 you played a live version of Crossroads lasting 4:16 in the first show at Bill Graham's boomer cathedral called the Fillmore West which made it on to Wheels of Fire album and changed the way I heard rock forever. I've heard it hundreds of times and get chills down my spine when I listen as I must a few times every year. It's fitting there is no videotape of what happened; it's never bothered me. That day, Eric Clapton, you earned your nickname, made me believe in magic and blew my tubes out. You were out of your head, more than usual with your two co-genius band mates. Only God-turned-Banshee can play like that. You know it I know it. They don't know what love is, sir.

Cream - Crossroads (Live At The Fillmore... by creamuploader

Posted by JD Hull at April 2, 2016 03:59 AM


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