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April 04, 2015


Hillary really running? At this point, I hope it's true.

1. It's her "turn". And yes that means something in the US. Not too many American leaders are ready for the both (1) the street fight of presidential election and (2) then leading.

Case in point: Dem candidate I was a delegate for in 2002: charming and tough Rhodes scholar NATO military leader General Wesley Clark. A friend of mine said, "Wesley and [his wife] Gert were the perfect dog food--but the dogs didn't like it." Great candidate and warrior's warrior who couldn't survive primaries.

2. Hillary is The Uber-Manager. No one would manage USA better.

3. No folks, HRC not that liberal--certainly not as liberal as husband Bill or President Obama. Not even close. Check out her real roots. She grew up in a comfortable and moderate GOP-voting family in a Midwestern city.

4. Don't think of her as too political. She is no ideologue. She's at heart a pragmatist: the ultimate Boomer achiever who likes things that work as much as she likes recognition and power.

5. She is smarter (i.e., proficiency at Western logic) than any of our last 5 presidents.

What's not to like here, sports fans? Or, put another way, you got something better?

Posted by JD Hull at April 4, 2015 01:30 PM


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