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October 22, 2015

At Double Bridge Publishing: Dennis Maley's "A Long Road Home"

Author, novelist and pol Ben Disraeli would have liked a new D.C.-based publisher that even the surliest and most difficult writers have come to admire for its championing newer writers and getting new writing to the public. Crowdsourcer Double Bridge Publishing was launched fourteen months ago by Washington, D.C. businessman Richard O'Brien. A Long Road Home, a first novel by longtime journalist Dennis Maley, is one of several new titles O'Brien's upstart company has out this fall. Set initially in Savannah, Georgia, Maley's is a coming of age story featuring Jenny Harris, an ambitious but struggling young singer who, after losing her mother to cancer, find herself more alone, lost and unsure of herself than ever. Jenny unexpectedly meets her biological father, the debauched and isolated Irish-American writer T.K Connolly. The pair find themselves together in New Orleans, where each must attempt to find the strength to repair a damaged life.

DB title 1 Long Road Home.jpg

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