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October 04, 2016

Partner Emeritus: Associate lawyering, work ethic, time ethic and real life.

Remarks late last year made by one Partner Emeritus in comments to "Old Lady Lawyer: Ageism Knows No Age", a post by Jill Switzer, at David Lat's enduring Above the Law:

When I was at the firm, I made it known that junior associates were prohibited from talking to me unless I initiated the conversation. There was a simple reason for this policy. I was there to make money and generate business.

Talking with associates was a waste of time as I was not there to assist with their professional development. The firm had other programs for that.

The firm is a business, it is not a goddamn camp Snoopy or the psychic friends network. If you want to network for business under the guise of being "social," do it on your time, not mine.

Partner Emeritus (1).jpeg

Best of PE 3.19.2016

Posted by JD Hull at October 4, 2016 12:13 AM


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