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January 11, 2016

Donald Trump is no cartoon. His demonization by weenie media is out of hand.

The demonization of one Donald J. Trump by the Media--both mainstream weenie media and special weenie media--has gotten out of hand.* See, e.g., at CNN, Silently protesting Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally and, at Patheos, Trump Takes Bully Act to a Whole New Level.

Google The Donald. Read about him. Cover his past. He's been around a long time. I've followed his career since I was in law school. He's a flesh and blood American businessman with good points, bad points, successes and failures. He's no cartoon. I'm not sure if given the chance I would vote for him. But I might.

Trump's obviously talented. He has lots of things going for him. He's worked his ass off--yes, he's worked a lot harder than you, Jack--and he's a very accomplished human. It's a mistake to think he would be a bad or evil president. He may seem out of central casting to play hard-asses on the screen but he's been a New York City Democrat most of his life. He's family oriented. He's seen tough times personally and financially. He's not a racist. And to me he's funny as hell.

His management style as POTUS would be much like that of Hillary Clinton. Like HRC, he's a pragmatist--not an ideologue. He obviously loves pissing people off. Right now, he's loved for his attitude above anything else, and not for the substance of his statements or positions. I think what he really gets off on (like HRC) is getting things done. I have far more confidence to in him to do that than any candidate other than HRC. Neither Trump nor HRC are wimps.

Bullying? Trump is a bully, you say? Bullying is different to different people. If you mean by that "mean streak" you are probably right. Most doers have mean streaks. Most achievers can be bullies. I would worry more about "nicer" non-bully candidates. We need a warrior right now. Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Bush, Santorum, Sanders, et al. Most of these are very fine candidates. We are lucky to have them. But either HRC or Trump--who I see as very similar to each other politically and as managers--best fit the bill right now.

*Been meaning to finish and publish two longer pieces on Trump but the above will do for now.

Donald-Trump-and-Neil-Young (1).jpg
Recent photo of Trump and one of my Ibogaine dealers from the 1970s.

Posted by JD Hull at January 11, 2016 08:43 PM


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