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June 19, 2016

Quit Apologizing, Don Trump. Right Now? Profiling is Very OK.

My Facebook post morning accompanying the "breaking" Washington Examiner piece Trump:'I hate the concept of profiling,' but we 'have to do it'.

Happy Father's Day. Hate to intrude on it. But this is important no matter what day it is. No one should be apologizing right now for racial profiling. In my view, we are at war. Now. Time for difficult short-term (hopefully) policies and measures. Racial Profiling is Way-OK. It's not right wing; it's not left wing. It's basic survival. We should be aggressive about doing it. Rights suffer in wartime. We at war. Trump should not be apologizing for racial profiling. HRC either. Time to wake up. What more evidence do you need, Campers?

Posted by JD Hull at June 19, 2016 02:10 PM


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