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August 05, 2017

Virgina-Missouri Hulls at The Willard.

From a Facebook post I did Monday, July 31:

Yesterday I had the pleasure (no, thrill) of seeing my cousin Nan Hall for the first time since my grandad's funeral in Springfield, Missouri 20 years ago. And I had the honor to meet for the first time 2 other cousins: the fabulous and authentic-as-hell Jean James (Jean is also independently related to Missourians Jesse and Frank James) and Nan's bright strong son Jim Hall, a well-regarded nuclear plant engineer. Finally, I met Jim's energetic fun wife Donna Bowers Hall and Jean's partner Grace Palmer, who reminds me of a movie actress who plays smart beautiful women.

The Virginia-Missouri Hull family hatches or attracts strong women. No one need sign up for assertiveness training any time soon...I'm missing these guys already. And I was amazed to hear stories about my Dad, grandad and great-grandad I'd never heard or had heard incompletely. The six of us all met at the new WWII Memorial on the Mall and then had lunch at the Willard.

This was a thrill. Even my extended family is pretty small. Nan and Jean are 2 of four first cousins my Dad had. Wish I'd done it earlier but will surely do it again.

Thank you Nan, Jean, Jim, Donna and Grace. Thanks so much cousin Mary Helen Allen for suggesting this.

c: Kristi Towe Diane Healey

Posted by JD Hull at August 5, 2017 01:58 AM


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