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September 23, 2017

At Disqus: When is it okay for men to cry?

A comment yesterday (with apologies to a great writer, Jay McInerney):

"Definitely ok to cry to land great women. After my divorce in DC 20 years ago Ernie, a few others and I had this one thing down. We were all single in our early 30s. In my case, it went like this. Working alone, of course, I'd tell slightly tipsy stunning debutante women in Georgetown, Capitol Hill and Old Town bars that I was a little bummed out but making the best of it. That I was a recent widower. Then I'd actually tear up a little and say that during a recent trip to Paris--vacation or honeymoon, the latter if I was in good form--my beautiful kind Smith-educated young wife was killed when she was shopping alone on the Right Bank and was caught in a crossfire between Palestinian terrorists and French police. I'm not kidding. Worked really well. Never failed."

Posted by JD Hull at September 23, 2017 03:16 PM


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