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July 05, 2020

BLM Deux

Can we talk about BLM? I’m a lifelong classic liberal. Voted mainly Dem (until recently) my whole life, worked on Hill for Dem Senator, raised $ for national Dem candidates, active in civil and human rights since I was 21. Even wrote professionally about C/H rights. I didn’t vote for Trump. Black Lives Matter (BLM) started up 7 summers ago. BLM is not “liberal.” BLM is a textbook Fascist organization. BLM at this point is only partly Black-run. BLM gets by on color and race pandering. BLM is, ironically, racist itself. BLM detests the vast majority of Americans. BLM is anti-freedom. BLM wants Americans to think, speak and act alike. Exactly alike, too. I implore you. Don’t buy into it. Fight it. #ResistBLM


Posted by JD Hull at July 5, 2020 05:41 PM


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