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October 30, 2021

Let’s all get a life again. Say no to pandering and mindless cheerleading in America.

Bring back talking about all of the ideas. Even the older or uncomfortable or at times shocking ideas. The ones we thought we we tossed out. Let’s talk about Everything. Throw out assumptions and sacred cow pretenses. And finally let’s stop demanding that we all buy 100% into the agenda, vocabulary, belief system or social justice strategy of any minority group or any historically dissed or disenfranchised peoples or cultures. No group or culture is special. (Exception: Pikeys in lower England. Kidding. Just kidding.) No one is entitled to 100% of my support. Few humans fortunately really lead life off the latest script anyway. Learn the beauty, the utility and satisfaction of having some critics, some enemies and even a few haters.😎


Posted by JD Hull at October 30, 2021 08:58 PM


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