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October 09, 2006

Third Wave Law Firms

A fan of brick and mortar, I like conventional offices, and dislike working at "home". But when I think about how my way of living, working, communicating and servicing clients have changed in just the past 10 years--even in 1999, a colleague of mine and I from a hotel near Salzburg, Austria could in effect file an emergency motion in a Frankfort, Kentucky court--I realize that conventional officing is dying. I may be behind in my thinking. So the post "The Third Wave" (playing off Alvin Toffler's book) fascinated me. It's by Texas lawyer Chuck Newton of Spare Room Tycoon and appeared in February 2006. I only know about it because of an equally fine post by Grant Griffiths at Home Office Lawyer. The Third Wave Law Firm idea is bold, exciting, visionary--with a strong ring of future truth. See these two posts.

Posted by JD Hull at October 9, 2006 11:59 PM


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