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December 30, 2006

Looking at 2007: Rest, Recovery, Recharge, Renaissance.

WAC? is getting and giving new ideas this week.

Today is the third day of the 26th annual New Year's Renaissance Weekend, a nonpartisan, private retreat for leaders in business and finance, education, religion, law and medicine, government, the media, science and technology, sports, non-profits and the arts. The gathering concludes January 1. This year's RW began begin with a tribute to last year's honorary co-chairman, Gerald Ford. The Renaissance Insititute was founded by Linda Lader and Philip Lader, the former U.S. Ambassador to England. Contents of the weekend's meetings are off the record.* The rules are, in short, that you can't openly (a) sell, (b) yell or (c) push a political party's agenda. People of all political persuasions attend. Its credo is "light--not heat".

*This year's New Year's RW includes among its participants a WAC? writer at his 6th RW meeting. The writer--a lawyer, ex-Democrat and lapsed narcissist--has been cleared by the Laders to report in a limited fashion in this blog on a few RW sessions (including "The History of Satan" and "What I'd Tell the President"), but is too moral, private, hoplessly elitist and lazy to do so.

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