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December 26, 2006

Next stop and sanctuary: Charleston, S.C.

WAC?'s mixed travel marathon of work, family, friends and meetings--featuring (a) the worst possible and even depraved customer service by Delta Air Lines, Inc., which will be the subject of another post, and perhaps for my amusement of a 3-count lawsuit I can write up over an espresso and I'll just lob in there in an Ohio or Georgia US district court for all business travelers; and (b) a scary pain-in-the-ass major operation in a freaking hospital (WAC? is never sick, and his last grandparent died at 101)--can be summarized as follows:

I started on December 11 in Chicago with 2 depositions, during which I developed something medically "bad"; moved to Pittsburgh for 2 more depositions (plus a bonus and very frightening emergency operation on the worst possible general area of the male body at Allegheny General Hospital with great surgeons but more bad customer service which ruined their success); more Pittsburgh, meetings/bondings; 5 days in Cincinnati with some family "recovering" and then tomorrow, thankfully, Charleston. Not the best Christmas ever--I hurt still, I can't work out or run easily, I can't drink to begin with, and there's just the Vicodin, which I don't like to take, and several DC friends my vintage say they'll be glad to hold for me.

The Low Country will have to be my sanctuary, hospital, drug. Charleston, South Carolina is for me a wonderful and romantic place at this time of year. There, I will have 5 days to recover from all of the above--from Delta and Allegheny General--and try to hook up with the demanding Ms. Bry, who will want me to buy her things when I am not working/networking and cannot ever understand why I can't spend 2 weeks in London at the drop of a hat. Charleston will have to do; besides, it is my reward for the last 2 weeks of the above abuse--85% self-inflicted, on some level, I admit.

But not the remaining 15%. Hey, you, that's right, you, Delta Air Lines--watch for me, I'm coming for you, you morons. WAC? is going to make you a service failure legend. Hospitals, which at least try to do passable work, are next...the spoiled and only-marginally competent medical profession should be ashamed every time there's a voicemail system which asks you, the patient, to "call back during office hours". That must change, too. Paying patients are not peasants.

It all must change.

So I am beginning to savor the brutality of my new wars on bad service. 2007 will be a fun year. Clients, customers, patients and relationships are assets, for Christ's sake. There's a general disgust that the bogus promises don't square with reality, a backlash and a longing. Can you feel it?

Posted by JD Hull at December 26, 2006 07:38 PM


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