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January 02, 2007

BR #89: It won't get better than this soon.*

Back in good 'ole gloomy "it-will-never-work-so-let's-give-up-and-watch-TV-and-eat" Pittsburgh for 3 days, and getting ready for the upbeat can-do meritocracy of DC later this week--but this cheered me up for now. The Mummer's Veil, or Blawg Review #89, is by the mysterious and accomplished Blawg Review Editor, who has an instinct for the Humanities. BR #89 lets you discover for yourself the range and possibilities of the blog form. When WAC? first read it, he wanted to move to the Lake Country and start The Wordsworth Blog - and may yet. Bravo, Renaissance Ed.

*But I could be wrong about that. Next week, BR #90 is hosted by the Big Easy's Ray Ward at Minor Wisdom, my personal all-time favorite blog by a human. What a start to 2007! The mysterious Mr. Ed. and Ray Ward back to back: like James Brown at the Apollo followed by Wilson Pickett--or maybe Dr. John the Night Tripper--the next week. We start 2007 on the good foot and the gris gris.

Posted by JD Hull at January 2, 2007 11:17 PM


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