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January 01, 2007

....Great Client/Customer Service Blogs.

Happy New Year.

Below are blogs which either are dedicated to or regularly feature useful models, ideas, best practices and tips on effective client service. Note that we are using the term "client service blog" broadly. We've probably (either inadvertently or out of ignorance) left out some great blawgs and blogs. So let us know which ones they are.

In the following list, we aren't ranking them--but in our view the blog with the best overall client service savvy in 2006 was Tom Collins' More Partner Income. Although he writes about LPM subjects other than client service, we think that Tom brings home in a variety of ways the overall point (perhaps better than anyone) that good relationships and good clients are every service business's real economic assets, they are always up for grabs, and they are worth guarding 24/7.

  • More Partner Income, Tom Collins
  • In Search of Perfect Client Service, Patrick Lamb
  • Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog
  • The Adventure of Strategy, Rob Millard
  • Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices, Gerry Riskin
  • CBA Practice Link (Canada)
  • Church of the Customer Blog, Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba
  • Client Service Insights (CSI), Hill & Knowlton
  • CustomersAreAlways, Maria Palma
  • David Jacobson’s External Insights, David Jacobson
  • Gladwell.com Blog, Malcolm Gladwell
  • Golden Practices, Michelle Golden
  • The Greatest American Lawyer
  • Gruntled Employees, Jay Shepherd
  • How to Make it Rain, Rjon Robins
  • Howling Point, Chuck Hartley and Pongo
  • Human Law, Justin Patten
  • Infamy or Praise, Colin Samuels
  • lawfirmblogging.com, Nathan Burke
  • Leadership for Lawyers, Mark Beese
  • Legal Business Development, James Hassett
  • Legal Ease Blog, Allison Shields
  • The Legal Marketing Blog, Tom Kane
  • Legal Sanity, Arnie Herz
  • Let the Good Times Roll, Guy Kawasaki
  • Life at the Bar, Julie Fleming Brown
  • Management Craft, Lisa Haneberg
  • May It Please The Court, J. Craig Williams
  • Minor Wisdom, Raymond Ward
  • My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant and Mark Sindler
  • the [non]billable hour, Matt Homann
  • Passion, People and Principles, David Maister
  • The Practice, Jonathan Stein and Shane Jimison
  • Professional Marketing Blog, Larry Bodine
  • Rainmaker Best Practices, Patrick McEvoy
  • Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Kevin O'Keefe
  • Rob Hyndman
  • Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites
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