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January 27, 2007

Joe, me Mariko...me love you long time.

Not. And since WAC? is apparently not PC re: Asia on Saturdays, please know that I met a well-known and beautiful Asian-American journalist on an airplane recently--and tried to get her to talk to me like that. But she caught on, only smiled patiently, wouldn't take the bait. Anyway, Mariko and Nigel and Hans no love Joe since the Spring of 2003, when the US invaded Iraq and coincidently I started 3 months of business travel in western Europe--from London and Ipswich to Prague and Budapest and several cities in between. I learned suprising things about the nature of some anti-Americanism: where it does and doesn't flourish in Europe. For example, our educated French cousins "like" Americans way more these days than our British kin. Brits think that, as a nation, we have gone and remain hopelessly insane. Over at the Berlin-based Atlantic Review, the press digest edited by three German Fulbright alums, see BBC: "World View of US Role Goes From Bad to Worse".

Posted by JD Hull at January 27, 2007 09:27 PM


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