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January 23, 2007

Redux: Our Favorite Non-U.S. Blogs and....

Updated from our January 3 post--more have been added (and will continue be added) by our brilliant, precocious and frequently annoying new associate Holden "NantucketBoy" Oliver:

WAC? is a relatively new blog by practicing lawyers who are busy, a bit cranky, and very happy, thank you, just lawyering. We don't think bloggers are the New General Managers of the Universe or the only humans with new ideas or who know what's going on in world. We humbly view "What About Clients?" as a real-time way to convey ideas and events about (1) real, "beyond-lip-service" client service, (2) our new services economy-based world, and (3) international corporate law and litigation--as we experience all these things in actual practice every day. At heart, our blog is about relationships as the main event: as assets, as fun--and as money ($USD or other). WAC?'s writers and Hull McGuire's lawyers are serious business people and capitalists. We love working, we love clients and we want to get very rich.

And we don't pretend to monitor and evaluate the entire blogosphere, legal or non-legal. We are more than lucky to have won a 2006 Blawg Review award (for "Global Perspective"), our first full year of blogging, in view of the increase in quality blogs originating from or about jurisdictions and places other than the US. But we do have some favorite non-US blogs--again, legal weblogs from or about non-US jurisdictions--which in some cases seem to have been left out of mention in recent awards by more experienced and established bloggers, awarders and/or a few insular cyber-dweebs both in and out of the U.S.

So here, in no particular order, are the active and promising non-US blawgs (all in English or available in same) we strongly recommend--and recommend whether we "like" or agree with the bloggers and/or their politics and ideas. We could care less about that stuff, we aren't buds with any of these people, and our suggestions, hopefully, are based on merit alone. These 29 "global" (maybe "global" to you if you're an American) non-US blogs and sites have real substance and promise. Each expands and adds to the Conversation about Law and Business:

  • Going Global, Craig Maginnes
  • China Law Blog, Dan Harris and Steve Dickinson, Harris and Moure, pllc
  • Binary Law, Nick Holmes (England)
  • Geeklawyer (England)
  • Human Law, Justin Patten (England)
  • Corporate Blawg UK (UK)
  • TechnoLlama, Andrés Guadamuz (Scotland)
  • Charon QC, Mike Semple Piggot (England)
  • IPKat, Jeremy Phillips and Ilanah Simon (England)
  • Rob Hyndman (Canada)
  • Canadian Privacy Law Blog, David Fraser
  • Thoughts from a Management Lawyer, Michael Fitzgibbon (Canada)
  • The Adventure of Strategy, Rob Millard (South Africa and U.S.)
  • Jacobson Attorneys, Paul Jacobson (South Africa)
  • David Jacobson’s External Insights, David Jacobson (Australia)
  • Australian Regulatory Compliance Review, David Jacobson
  • Freedom to Differ, Peter Black (Australia)
  • mediator blah blah, Geoff Sharp (New Zealand)
  • Karel’s Legal Blog, Karel Frielink (Netherlands Antilles)
  • Lenz Blog, Dr. Karl-Friedrich Lenz (Japan)
  • Transnational Law Blog, Chris Cassidy & Travis Hodgkins (Hastings Law School)
  • Atlantic Review (non-legal/foreign policy) (Germany)
  • Transblawg, Margaret Marks (Germany)
  • Singapore Law Blog
  • Delia Venables (UK)
  • Slaw, Simon Fodden (Canada)
  • Asia Business Intelligence, Rich Kuslan (business coverage)
  • Harvard International Review
  • World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs, Diane Levin
  • There are hundreds of great non-US blawgs in English--most of which you can access through the above list--so we've certainly missed some. Send us your discoveries of strong and active non-US blawgs. We'll add them to this list or to our ever-growing list of non-US blawgs and blogs in the left-hand column of this site.

    Posted by Tom Welshonce at January 23, 2007 12:59 AM


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