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March 29, 2007

To GCs: Hull McGuire PC is tanned, rested and ready.

American and European lawyer-bloggers have written a lot lately about "work-life balance". In the event any of you bloggers have good corporate clients who are a bit nervous about the W-L thing, please feel free to ask the General Counsel of those clients to call immediately Hull McGuire PC--contacts: Dan Hull (CA), Julie McGuire (PA) or Al Sturtevant (DC)--for a lively chat about the W-L issue. If we like your clients enough, we will happily unburden you of them to lessen the terrible, inconvenient and just plain pesky stresses of the challenges and ardors of corporate law practice. We'll even throw in ceasing to flog our associate lawyers for a week--well, maybe--if you'll do this. Thanks, dudes.

Posted by JD Hull at March 29, 2007 11:59 PM


Dunno, Dan, hangin' in London, sippin' cafe au laits in Paris, etc.? Your balance seems pretty good to moi. But I do agree that when the pedal hits the metal and work is there to be done, the pilates class is not an acceptable reason to slough off the work.

FWIW--I can't imagine that clients let your cell phone stay quiet for long!

Posted by: Patrick Lamb at March 21, 2007 06:50 AM

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