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July 21, 2007

Change your eyeglasses; well, hell, just change your eyes.

Still summer. And WAC? is now here in Laguna Beach, California, in an undisclosed B&B for limousine liberals, and other flakes I generally like, thinking of becoming a Republican, and wondering how the other 99% live. I will be joined by the exotic, talented and highly difficult Ms. Ellen, having for weeks planned her escape from The Palisades, and from her children. But WAC? never closes. Summer is also time for tool-sharpening--or becoming a different and "improved" human and problem solver. No resting on your laurels, if you have any. If you need to rest that much, like all summer, consider a move to Europe.

Anyway, ever wonder if you are missing the obvious? The really important? Seeing problems at work or in life is kind of like looking at my hopelessly demented cat "JD". In JD, I can see another randy

dirt-loving tom who wants to trash my kitchen, and has made it his life's mission to destroy all hummingbirds, rabbits and lizards. If I so choose, I can see JD, the clown, my dirtball cat.

Or I can see what Leonardo da Vinci ("the smallest feline is a masterpiece"...) saw: a marvelously complex wonder of nature. An inspiration. Tens of thousand of years of powerfully-bred instincts and movements which have resulted in the perfect hunter-survivor of strength, grace, quickness and "uh, dudes, let's stalk and kill something--and then eat it". (Not to mention a few truly weird skills.) Think about that next time you see one of those goofy strays in Rome sunbathing in the old Forum or near the Colosseum or at Hemingway's house in Key West, Florida.

The point here is not cats, which I never liked anyway--well, not until today. It's the holy discipline of slipping easily into new perspectives; real growth requires that. To see what I mean, visit a 2005 post called "See life through the eyes of a child--Living in Wonder Again" by Robert Paterson of The Renewal Consulting Group, based in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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