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August 03, 2007

Update: Non-U.S. Blogs

Over the last 18 months, WAC? has worked hard to discover and share with you non-U.S. blogs, sites and resources. See here and here for examples. We keep the good ones--active, high quality and preferably in English--and list them on the lower left hand side of this site.

Today we add a few more non-U.S. blogs, 132 to be exact, to our Directory of Non-U.S. Blogs. An important "thank you" to the four sources of nearly all of the 132 new sites on your left: Blawg.com, China Law Blog, Nearly Legal and Charon QC. We’re adding new blogs from 18 countries, including Bangladesh and Moldova, bringing our grand total of non-U.S. blogs to 298:

Australia: 9

The Australian Professional Liability Blog, Stephen Warne

Australian Technology and IP Business, David Jacobson

IP Down Under

IPwar’s, Warwick A. Rothnie

JLU: Junior Lawyer’s Union

Lightbulb, Noric Dilanchian

Moral Dilemma, Mirko Bagaric

Small Firm and Solo Practice


Bangladesh: 1

Law Chronicles Online, Adnan Karim

Brazil: 4


Blawg do Escritório Cassiano & Maciel Advogados Associados, Lucas Cassiano

De lege agraria nova

El Derecho Al Derecho, Claudia Duran

Canada: 25

Atlanteknology, R. Charles Perez

Bankruptcy Canada Blog

bob tarantino

Cavanagh Williams

C'est é-patent!, Adam Mizera

Chaire en droit de la sécurité et des affaires electroniques, Vincent Gautrais

The Co-co Banana, Jarvis Googoo


The Court

Criminal Review

CultureLibre, Olivier Charbonneau

Duty to Consult, Ooneesheh Oonaheh

Excess Copyright, Howard Knopf

Hoyes Michalos Ontario Bankruptcy Blog

IT.Can Blog/Blogue de IT.can

La pub et le droit, Natalie Gauthier

LawLine Journal

A New Chapter

Now, Why Didn't I Think of That?, Sander Gelsing

Queen's Law Life

Rule of Law, Stan Rule

Simon Archer

Venture Law Lines, Suzanne Dingwall Williams

Wines and Information Management (WIM), Dominic Jaar

Wise Law Blog, Gary J. Wise

China: 42

The 88s

All Roads Lead to China, Richard Brubaker

Beijing Newspeak, Chris O’Brien

Cal Poly MBA Trip

A China Blog on Suzhou Expat Life, Ryan McLaughlin

The China Blog - Time

China Briefing Blog, Dezan Shira & Associates

China Business Blog, Jeremy Gordon

China Business Law Blog

China Challenges

China Confidential

China Dialogue

China Digital Times

China Economic Review

China Economics Blog

China Herald

China & Hong Kong Competition Law, Peter Macmillan


China Machete, Xiao Zhu

China Matters

China on Seeking Alpha

China Redux, Ben Landy

China Rises, Tim Johnson

China Snippets

Chinese Law Prof Blog, Donald C. Clark


DiligenceChina, Andrew Hupert


Eyes East

Ich Bin Ein Beijinger


Jottings from the Granite Studio

Mutant Palm


The Opposite End of China, Michael D. Manning

The Peking Duck

Richard Spencer


Silicon Hutong

Simon World

This is China!, Bill Dodson

The Useless Tree, Sam Crane

England and Wales: 29

Accidental Law Student

Bank Law Blog

barrister 2 be

Belle de Jure

Bloody Relations

Conflict of Laws, Martin George

Crosslandite Barrister

Deaf Blawg

Diary of a Law Student

Free Movement

Guido Fawkes

Head of Legal

IMPACT, Freeth Cartwright LLP

Josephine Blogs


Law Girl

Law Minx


Legal Beagle

Legally Blonde in London

legal spy – UK law from the inside


London Law Student

Prisonlawinsideout, John Hirst




Pupillage and How to Get It, Simon Myerson

Terminological Inexactitudes

The Thousand Patterns

European Union: 2

EU Case Law, Lucia Martin

Sociaalrecht, K. Salomez & K. Nevens

France: 2


La protection des marques sur internet, Simon Gobert

Germany: 8

ASDE Law Blog

Blickpunkt Recht & Steuern


Lenz Blog


recht verstandlich

Weblawg.de, Stefan Deyerler

Verschmelzungsbericht, Olaf Mueller-Michaels

Ireland: 1

cearta.ie, Dr. Eoin O’Dell

Italy: 1

Internet Law - Copyright Law

Korea: 2

Dram Man

Korea Law Blog, Brandon Carr

Moldova: 1

Law in Moldova, Alexei Ghertescu

New Zealand: 1

Jacobson Attorneys, Paul Jacobson

Peru: 1


Portugal: 1

Lex Turistica, Manuel David Masseno

Scotland: 1

Musings of a Reactionary Snob

Spain: 2

Centro Europeo para el Derecho del Consumo


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