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October 04, 2007

Simply the best: WAC?'s picks for the top 10 blawgs

In response to the "meme" started by the mysterious Editor at Blawg Review, and our getting tagged by Craig Williams at May It Please the Court, below are the ten legal weblogs we consider to be "simply the best". Five were easy for us--the other five were harder. Tough task, which we took seriously. Several fist fights and flying objects. But nothing "political", in any sense, about our list. While we were flattered to be included in the top 10 on Craig Williams's list, we would have selected MIPTC anyway:

Above the Law (David Lat, U.S.)
Blawg Review (U.S.)
Charon QC (U.K.)
China Law Blog (Dan Harris, U.S./China)
GeekLawyer (U.K.)
Law Blog (Peter Lattman/WSJ, U.S.)
May it Please the Court (Craig Williams, U.S.)
More Partner Income (Tom Collins, U.S.)
Overlawyered (Walter Olson, Ted Frank, David Nieporent, U.S.)
SCOTUS (Lyle Denniston et al., U.S.)


Posted by JD Hull at October 4, 2007 11:59 PM


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