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October 07, 2008

So what do we do now?

Service Firms, and The Way-Down Global Economy. Some advice, often with related links, from people who think about it all the time (so you don't have to). You can hire them, too:

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Ed Poll: "Three Lenses for Law Firm Recession Survival" (9/16/08)

Jim Hassett: "The First Thing Lawyers Should Do In A Recession" (1/30/08)

Dennis Kennedy: "Planning for Legal Technology in a Recession" (1/22/08)

Tom Kane: "Time to Get Closer to Clients" (9/25/08)

The prescient Larry Bodine: "Get Ready for the Coming Recession" (8/26/07)

Bruce MacEwen: "Costs & Revenues: Health Check Time" (9/5/08)

Dan Hull: "In Praise Of Structure: Get A Standard" (7/23/08) and "Rule 4" (12/12/05)

Jennifer E. King: "Marketing Your Firm’s Legal Services During an Economic Decline"

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