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March 04, 2009

Optional: Panic, Pessimism & Self-Pity

The other "E", in his studio, goofing on us.

Redux: So, tell me again, what do we do now?

Bad stock performances lately. More road rage, as even mellow car-centric Californians lose their tempers. And dog kicking, we hear, is way up in the Midwest, where "Appropriate" has served as Mantra, Law and Religion since early 1900s. There are also reports that, in the last 3 or 4 days, people in Boston and NYC are one (1) degree meaner than usual, i.e., bordering on criminally insane. Even the resourceful, lyrical, way-smart "E", domicile unknown, exists in a celestial malaise.

So again we summon the Masters of Professional Service Firms for guidance in the The Way-Down Global Economy. Some advice, with great related links, from people who think about this stuff all the time (so you don't have to). They were thinking about it all along. You can hire them, too.

Ed Poll: "Three Lenses for Law Firm Recession Survival" (9/16/08)

Jim Hassett: "The First Thing Lawyers Should Do In A Recession" (1/30/08)

Dennis Kennedy: "Planning for Legal Technology in a Recession" (1/22/08)

Tom Kane: "Time to Get Closer to Clients" (9/25/08)

Bruce MacEwen: "Costs & Revenues: Health Check Time" (9/5/08)

The prescient Larry Bodine: "Get Ready for the Coming Recession" (8/26/07)

Jennifer E. King: "Marketing Your Firm’s Legal Services During an Economic Decline" (2008 LexisNexis white paper)

And finally, Chicago trial-lawyer, thinker and value architect Patrick J. Lamb: Read Anything Pat writes these days.

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