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July 03, 2009

Redux: Two Ways of the Trial Notebook.

Originally posted September 8, 2008 from Amsterdam:

From the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where there are Old Ones and Young Ones in their dark Monday suits: Men of all ages with shaved heads who look a lot like Moby, in different sizes. Two guys who resemble the late Hunter Thompson, only calmer. And tall trilingual Nordic women, many beautiful, none serene today, with serious faces, clutching open cell phones and tiny red laptops.

All prepare for battle this week in the mostly-down markets of the West.

Grasshopper, when you get back to the States, it's trial time again. ADR, with its frequent moments of sanity, is over. Change gears to U.S. courts. For business trials, or non-business trials, bench or jury, see for starters the outlines for Trial Notebooks, either One or Two, at Evan Schaeffer's Illinois Trial Practice. We like the latter, but please mix and match. Utilize your barely-used brain. Both sides of it.

And be advised. As Tom Hanks, or someone, once said: "There is no boilerplate in baseball". Each client, each problem to solve, each transaction, and each trial: each is wonderfully unique, and Different From The Other, whether your firm does "cookie-cutter" work or not.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

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