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September 22, 2009

Three years ago at WAC/P--Litigation: "How much time should we ask the Deacon for discovery?"

Will someone please send one of the damn clerks to the Church of the Final Thunder down the street and Shepardize a passage from the Book of Amos? Chapter 3, Verse 4, Jackson 5. This minute--or I'll sack the lot of you.

If lovin' the Lord is wrong, we don't want to be right. Our law firm and blog have writers of several different faiths and spiritual persuasions--including one lapsed Episcopal-Belfast Protestant with a taste for religious art. Catholics. Jews. And at least one born-again Druid. But this news item blew us away three years ago. Click on the two links. Do see "Rule 38". We did not make this up:

Bible-based ADR? This one is from David Lat at wonderfully secular Above The Law. WAC? may either begin drinking or attending services again. Maybe both at once. Rule 38 of the Institute for Christian Conciliation is: "Legal or Scriptural Briefs. The arbitrators may request or consider briefs or position papers that set forth the parties' understandings of the legal, factual, or scriptural issues."

deacon john jump blues.jpg

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