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April 11, 2012

1922: James Joyce gets a noble savage nod from Nora--and gets crazy with Hemingway.

James Joyce's alpha-wife Nora was the model for Molly Bloom in Ulysses:

Joyce said to me he was afraid his writing was too suburban and that maybe he should get around a bit and see the world. He was afraid of some things, lightning and things, but a wonderful man. He was under great discipline--his wife, his work and his bad eyes.

His wife was there and she said, yes, his work was too suburban--'Jim could do with a spot of that lion hunting.' We would go out to drink and Joyce would fall into a fight. He couldn't even see the man so he'd say, 'Deal with him, Hemingway! Deal with him!'

--Ernest Hemingway, as reported by Time July 7, 1999

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