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April 16, 2013

The Upanishads: There is no better place to start.

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत
प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत ।
क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया
दुर्गं पथस्तत्कवयो वदन्ति ॥ कठ उपनिषद्

Get up! Wake up! Seek the guidance of an
Illumined teacher and realize the Self.
Sharp like a razor’s edge, the sages say,
Is the path, difficult to traverse.

--Katha Upanishad: 1.3.14, Vedic priest-poet (circa 1000-400 B.C.)


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