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January 25, 2014

Defendant-Tweeter Courtney Love Prevails in First Twitter Libel Trial.

Chalk up a victory and some trail-blazing for rocker Courtney Love. On its unusual facts, and given somewhat implausible testimony on both sides, the first Twitter libel case to go to trial sounds like a poor test case. But "Twibel" is making lots of headlines anyway. See, e.g., the Los Angeles Times' coverage of yesterday's jury verdict for in a case brought by her ex-attorney Rhonda Holmes. It springs from Love's defamatory, evidently inaccurate and slightly cryptic June 2010 tweet that Holmes had been "bought off". The Los Angeles jury found that Love did not know the defamatory tweet was false, and did not act recklessly. Excerpts from the Los Angeles Times piece:

Dubbed "Twibel," the civil suit seeking $8 million was filed by Rhonda Holmes, who had once acted as Love's fraud litigation attorney. The singer-actress filed her own complaint against Holmes, claiming legal malpractice.

Holmes had been hired in December 2008 to look into missing funds from the estate of Kurt Cobain, Love's late husband.

Holmes and Love parted ways after less than six months. The attorney alleged that the relationship had been contingent on Love refraining from substance abuse, a stipulation that eventually angered the singer. The attorney also said that Love became a difficult client and wouldn't return calls.

Courtney_Love_Sept_2013_NYC (1).jpg
Courtney Love performing at the Dream Downtown in Manhattan, New York, September 9th, 2013.
(Source: Studio Havens/Marie Havens)

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