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March 03, 2014

Eric L. Mayer: Of Civil Disobedience and Selfies.

Eric Mayer writes about "Selfies Gone Wrong: The Tariqka Sheffey Story" at his Unwashed Advocate. With an assist from the enduring Army Times, Mayer sketches the classic collision of Selfies and Blowing Off Military Retreat Honors. In a nutshell, an Army private assigned to the 59th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Carson, Colorado, ducked into her car to avoid saluting the American flag being lowered at 5 p.m., selfied herself and trumpeted her disobedience with considerable sass in the selfie's caption. Legions of folks, some veterans, complained. A Fort Carson post spokesperson named McNutt has confirmed that the military chain of command is all over this like a big dog, and Pfc. Sheffey will have to answer. Our take? We have no opinion on the story's disciplinary (i.e., crime and punishment), legal or common sense aspects (i.e., hey, don't generate evidence of your bad self doing "bad" things). We have a larger concerns: philosophical, aesthetic and basic street cred. Listen up. Selfies were/are never good, never cool. They are the province of little kids, the Whoopee Cushion Guy and underachieving narcissists. Let's. Quit. Doing. Selfies. Please?

Early Selfier Protoype: Ed Grimley in 1985 (NBC photo)

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