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May 29, 2008

Update: Blawgs Abroad--75 more non-U.S. blawgs and sites.

Americans do tend to think that the rest of the world is rather far away and not terribly important.

--Delia Venables, UK legal IT commentator, in UK's Law Gazette, March 2, 2006.

Today at What About Clients? we add another 75 international blogs to our Directory of Non-U.S. Blogs on the left-hand side of this blog (scroll down a little). We started the Directory in early 2006; see here, here and here, a/k/a the World Cup Blawg Review. It now has nearly 300 sites, and the list of course belongs to everyone. Our last update was in August 2007. Since then, we've worked to discover more international legal weblogs, sites and resources. We list the good ones: active, high quality and preferably in English. We'd have done this earlier--but clients and our boss The Timesheet got in the way.

An important thank you is in order to five important sources: pioneer Bill Gratsch and his Blawg.com (US), Diane Levin (US), Dan Harris (China/US), Guy Kawasaki (Universe), and Jordan Furlong (Canada).

The new blogs come from 26 countries, including Belgium, Malaysia, Romania, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Are there more out there?

Argentina: 4

Blog de Mediacion, Daniel Martinez Zampa

eMediacion by AcuerdoJusto, Franco Conforti

Resolución Electrónica de Disputas, Alberto Elisavetsky

Secretos del Meliador Exitoso, Nora Curtis, Franco Conforti and Nora Femenia

Australia: 4

Adelaide Criminal Defence Blog, Simon Slade

Australian Mediation Association, Callum Campbell

Nicholas Suzor

Open and Shut, Peter Timmins

Belgium: 1

Réseau Médiation, Dominique Foucart

Brazil: 2

Brazilian Arbitration Law, Pedro Alberto Costa

Gestão de Conflitos Familiares

Canada: 16

bc business law blog, Meldon Ellis

The Bizop News, Michael J. Webster

Class Actions in Canada, Ward Branch

Connie Crosby

Law Firm Web Strategy, Steve Matthews

Law is Cool

Law of the Land

A Mediator's Calling, Ken Bole

NALP Canadian Directory of Legal Employers

Peacemakers Trust

Perspectives from a Mediator/Arbitrator, Stephen Raymond

Precedent: The new rules of law and style, Melissa Kluger

Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, Steve Matthews

The Work it Out Blog, Allan Revich

Workplaces That Work, Lynne Eisaguirre

Chile: 1

Servicios de Mediacion, Paola Aedo Peralta

China: 3

Chinese Negotiation - Negotiating in China, Andrew Hupert

Coming Anarchy

Go East - Outsourcing to China, Dean Stevens

England: 6

Communication and Conflict Blog

Conflict Resolution Network UK

Embracing Conflict

The Injury Lawyers Blog

Martin Kaye Solicitors

The Mediation Times, Amanda Bucklow

European Union: 2

The Blog of European Patent Law

European Law Network

France: 3


L’'Observatoire du Droit Panameen et du Droit International, Pierre Julie Ivan Alonso

Parliament’s Ideas, BsiLi AdeL

Germany: 8

Beckmann und Norda Rechtsanwälte Bielefeld

Die Maschinistin, Kirstin Nickelsen

Institut Sikor, Marianne & Markus Sikor

Kleinblog, David Klein

Konfliktmanagement, Mediation & Dialog, Dr. Simen Joachim and colleagues

Master of Mediation, Christoph Stroyer

Mediation Solutions, Natalia Martin Rivero and Axel JC Brodehl

Unternehmensjurist.de, Stefan Deyerler

India: 2

Legal Process Outsourcing, Rahul Jindal

Technology Law India, George Vivek Durai

Indonesia: 1


Israel: 1

better than misery

Italy: 1

Associazione Quos

Malaysia: 1

Malaysian Mediation, Chan Kheng Hoe

Netherlands: 2

Fer Kousen Conflictmanagement, Fer Kousen

ComparativeLawBlog, Jacco Bomhoff

New Zealand: 2

Mediation vBlog Project, Geoff Sharp

My Weblog, James South

Peru: 1

Limamarc Revista

Poland: 2

A Postcard for World Peace

TogetherResolve, Emmy Irobi

Portugal: 5

Associação de Mediadores de Conflitos

Conflito: uma oportunidade!, David Santiago Pires

Justiça Restaurativa em Portugal

Parceiro Pensador


Romania: 1


Singapore: 1

The Negotiation Guru, Jens Thang

Spain: 3

El Blog Derecho Público de Sevach

blog solomediacion.com, Miquel Tort

todomediacion.com, Isabel Medina

Sri Lanka: 1

ICT for Peacebuilding, Sanjana Hattotuwa

Turkey: 1


Posted by JD Hull and Brooke Powell at May 29, 2008 08:32 PM


Thanks kindly for the addition! My eponymous little blog and I have been together for more than 4 years. Hard to believe.


Posted by: Connie Crosby at June 9, 2008 11:04 PM

Thanks very much for the plug for our media monitoring service "Reporting on Conflict." And thanks for the great list of blogs! I will have to tap some of these for news items.

Posted by: Catherine Morris at July 3, 2008 10:17 AM

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