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May 27, 2014

Hey guys, it's okay now. Khaki pants season begins today.

A word about men--yes, we professional men--and khaki. Women may wear any fabric or color they choose in any season. We generally trust their fashion sense, and good taste, not to put the hurt on everyone's vision. Men, however, are mainly dirtballs who have no clue about clothes. So there are rules. One is this: Never (ever) wear khaki pants or khaki suits after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. We guys need to think about khaki like we already think about seersucker suits, gin and tonics and Capital Hill interns. It's just for summer. Today is the day after Memorial Day. It's okay now. Wear your khaki stuff. But pack it all away after Labor Day. Don't unpack it until late May the following year. Repeat.

Photo: Brian Sacawa

Posted by Holden Oliver (Kitzb├╝hel Desk) at May 27, 2014 11:59 PM


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