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December 03, 2015

Don't stroke out but do read the fine Vox piece on why plenty of sane people support Donald Trump.

See yesterday's article at Vox by David Roberts, The real reason the media is rising up against Donald Trump. Especially second half where Roberts explains why people like (a) Trump so much, (b) why they like him right now and (c) what that says about us. Don't froth or stroke out. Just read. Excerpts:

...Trump does not back down, retract, or apologize, ever, not even for the most trivial thing. He refuses to allow journalists and pundits to validate their watchdog role. He recognizes that capitulating to the mainstream media is far worse for any conservative than clinging to a lie.... They have no power over him at all, and now everyone knows it.

Trump is revealing that the referees are irrelevant. All this rule breaking has the same effect: It disrupts the game as the media is used to playing it. It steps all over the unspoken agreements among various sectors of the political class in DC. It threatens the gatekeeper media, the VSPs, with something far worse than being wrong or biased. It threatens them with being irrelevant. Trump doesn't need or respect them, and they can't touch him. They can only point and gawk.

There is a faction of the US electorate that is positively wroth: angry that they are losing their country, angry at immigrants and minorities who want "free stuff," angry at terrorists for making them feel afraid, angry at liberals for rejecting good Christian values, angry at the economy for screwing them and denying them the better life they were promised, angry about Solyndra and Benghazi and Obamaphones and Sharia law and ACORN and Planned Parenthood and black-on-black crime and a government takeover of health care and Agenda 21 and Syrian immigrants on the loose and UN climate hoaxes.

They are angry at all institutions, including the Republican Party and the media, that have failed to halt America's decline.

They are mostly white, mostly older, and entirely pissed off. And Trump speaks for them, less in what he says than in his total contempt for those same institutions.

Trump appeals to many Americans for good reasons. Image: Universal Pictures.

Posted by JD Hull at December 3, 2015 10:24 AM


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