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February 21, 2017

Trump in Florida on Saturday.

Donald John Tump certainly has some rough edges. A proven salesman, he still exaggerates too much for even a POTUS. He gets things wrong. He name-calls almost daily. Sure, some days I wish he were classier. But on Saturday President Trump in Melbourne, Florida gave one of best speeches you'll ever see or hear a pol give. And, technically, of course, he's a political novice. One month in office and already back into campaign style. But--for him--it worked. He hit every policy and cultural issue of his controversial 4-week presidency. Hostile news coverage. Fake news. Jobs. Replacing Obamacare. Defeating ISIS. Sanctuary cities. Trump is just learning how to develop his gift for for politics. Like him or not, the guy's a natural. And smart. If you can't court the press, go back to your base. And I think he knows at this point that disgruntled Democrats, the Left and Main Stream Media are pushing people over to him. Folks--including me--used to worship NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC. No more. Or not as much. Right now, as much as I hate to admit it, right-leaning Fox News seems "fair and balanced" compared to the spastically partisan coverage by the other big news outlets. I'm watching Fox most evenings now for the first time--because the other media outlets are openly losing it. Everyone, from coastal elites to average American families, are beginning to have second thoughts about news institutions we watched, followed and wanted to trust since the 1950s. Trump can be flaky, loopy, mean and ugly. But we're starting to see some ugly colors and cries for help in the Fourth Estate, too.

Posted by JD Hull at February 21, 2017 06:29 PM


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