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March 02, 2007

UK Bloggers: The Good, the Erudite and the UnHoly.

The triumvirate of UK legal weblogs is (1) Justin Patten's forthright and award-winning Human Law, (2) the urbane and lyrical Charon QC (just written up in The Times), and finally (3) Geeklawyer, London barrister, IP pundit, writer and genuinely savage person. Other stellar UK blawgs include Jeremy Phillips' IP Kat, Nick Holmes' Binary Law and Delia Venables' law sites. There are 20 more listed on the left hand side of this blog. Soon WAC? is headed to London and Kent, then to Kitzbuhel, Austria and lastly, for pure fun, and alone, to Paris. I note that Geeklawyer's co-blogger Ruthie, alleged to have a weakness for any good-looking Yank, even white-trash rakes, has not yet been cleared by GL to meet at the old London Stone on Cannon Street near the Bank of China wearing red shoes, a black robe and a certain hat at high noon. But it's not all fun, games, irreverence and black humour with this crowd. GL and the Ruthie are organizing a UK legal blogging conference for May 2007.

Posted by JD Hull at March 2, 2007 11:38 AM


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