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April 11, 2007

WAC? loves Baseball Blawg Review #103

Do see Blawg Review this week and Jon Frieden's #103. Occasionally patriotic, WAC? loves baseball, our national sport. Like the law profession itself, baseball is great fun to play or watch, it's way more complex meets the eye, and it features some of the most difficult, funny and inscrutable rogues on the planet. And the first opening day ceremonial pitch thrown in 1910 by an American president was a hurl by our kind of Chief Executive--a portly Cincinnati-bred lawyer's lawyer and former journalist who graduated from WAC?'s law school in 1880. DC area-based Jonathan Frieden, an IP litigator who writes E-Commerce Law, is the host of Blawg Review #103 which, in honor of baseball's opening day, is the "BaseBlawg Review". Fine job by Jon and his interesting blog, which we just discovered. See in particular Jim Hassett's piece on how to qualify new clients. Trust us: Having No Client--and instead working harder and smarter for the right client--is always better than the Working for the Wrong Client.

Posted by JD Hull at April 11, 2007 04:50 AM


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