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April 21, 2007

Saturday's Charon QC

Who says lawyers, law professors and businessmen in the US and the UK must be boring, artless and uninspired? Long ago my friend Charon QC in London crashed through the stereotypes. Today marks the airing of his 15th podcast-interview with a luminary of some sort, this one with television producer Michael Mallinson.

Posted by JD Hull at April 21, 2007 11:59 PM


Dan.... I really do appreciate the fact that you take the time to read UK blogs generally.. and find your way onto my various posts/perorations/podcasts.

Michael Mallinson is a very interesting guy, a friend who I enjoy a glass or two with from time to time. I know very little about the film / television business - but the programmes he has worked on - like Kavanagh QC and Inspector Morse are very popular in the UK and, as with many of your top US TV shows (available in Britain) - ER, Friends, Cheers, Seinfield... Letterman.. etc etc etc... and Discovery Channel stuff sourced from the US...) is good TV.

I interviewed a lawyer from PJH Law in Lincoln about the new 'No Smoking Laws' soon to apply in England... and, rather more interestingly about the employment law implications of blogging.

Interestingly... PJH Law is a law firm. They are focussed. They do nothing apart from Employment Law and they understand 'client service' and they produce a good blog for their clients Liam, who did the interview with me - is a a young man. I thought he handled the questions extremely well - and he knew his stuff. Only recently qualified, I discovered yesterday. I was even more impressed - not easy, as you know, to do an interview which is going to be published on the net!

Thank you for giving me a bit of profile. I do appreciate it!..

Unfortunately.... as you know, having met me... it is best that I stick to radio... and do not venture into TV blogging... I am unlikely to be a 'leading man' in "Gone with the Wind" ... or, indeed... even a presenter on a Shopping Channel!

Tony Blair has not been charged in the 'Cash for Honours' scandal. The Crown Prosecution Service now have the file from the Police. facinatingly... Our Director of Public Prosecutions has to stand apart... because he was in the same Chambers as Blair's wife.... Cherie... and The Attorney general... who used to oversee various 'serious prosecutions' is about to employ 'independent counsel'... so the papers don't rip him to shreds for being involved in any more decisions involving the legailty of government action.

It appears, from Press reports in Britain, today, that Tony Blair (interviewed twice by the Police - but not under caution) is not going to be charged... so he will still be able to visit the USA - not being a convicted felon!

Left wing/ socialist / apolitical / Chav / tabloid / Tory / Outraged of Tonrbidge Wells Britain is now waiting for Blair to go... so that we can see one of the most boring men on earth become Prime Minister. Gordon brown is bright... Yes... very worthy... yes... managed to keep a British economy going.... yes A bit dodgy on the Pensions raid issue) but... apart from the City.... most of the people who actually enjoy living a life... I suspect... find the prospect of Britain led by Gordon "The Train Robber / Highway man" Brown... less than interesting... and I suspect would prefer to be able to vote - using the 'red' button on their TV remote control units - for some more exotic person.. perhaps a TV soapstar... a winner of a popular music talent competition like 'Pop Idol' (I believe you have Simon Cowell in custody at the moment doing 'American Pop Idol). On behalf of the British people... and MI6.. thank you. Can you take his passport away so he can't come back?

Even John Major (very obscure Prime Minister who liked peas) has more charisma... and that was a man who was satirised for wearing his shirt tucked into his underpants... and...he had an affair with Edwina Currie..

I appreciate many Americans will not even remember our former Prime Minister John Major. (Ex bank clerk with few qualifications - boring... who followed Margaret Thatcher) ... let alone know who Edwina Currie is... and... I can't even think of an analogy which would be recogniable to your American readers / viewers, to decribe Edwina Currie. ..... BUT think, in the case of Edwina Currie.... David Schwimmer in "Friends" in a dress.... a bit of Monica (Friends) and a one general Patton US 3rd Army... ... that is what, in my view, Edwina Currie is like... and I am always fair.

(Actually... Edwina Currie... is a very feisty woman... even though I could not agree with a single political remark she made... her revelations about sex and an affair with John Major... was a masterpiece. 2003... I seem to remember!)

It may interest you to know that the Bar Council has a new blog... excellent! Has the ABA got one yet?

Tomorrow is the day of the London Marathon. Yet again...

I am developing my podcats. Next week I hope to interview the Editor of "Tribune" magazine - the leading left wing magazine - a magazine with a long and proud history.

One of the advantages of being 53... is that one has met (and continues to meet) interesting people.

Buona notte

Posted by: Charon QC at April 21, 2007 04:20 PM

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