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March 05, 2010

ChatRoulette. Chat hags. Come again?

We have questions. If 87% of players are male, could this be one of those "confused young men" things? Like a post-modern digital Village People community? And the players have names like Chadwick, Raphael, and Little Sammy? Do people somehow sit in circles? Is there a competition? Are Ritz crackers involved? Can you really get nexted if you went to Duke?

Another thing. Kash Hill, a new ChatRoulette player, is a Vision. A babe. A total Betty. What's in it for her? What's she doing with all these, well, losers? Do they have Chat Hags in Manhattan?

Look, if you must play ChatRoulette, please check in first with Kashmir Hill, and read "A weekend of ChatRoulette (Or: I play ChatRoulette so you don’t have to)" at her blog, The Not-So Private Parts. Excerpt:

I lost my ChatRoulette virginity on Friday night. After drinks at Burp Castle in the East Village and a big bowl of ginger-scallion noodles and fatty pork buns at Momofuku’s noodle bar, I came home full and not yet ready for bed. So I decided to give the site — that I had already written about — a try.

I donned red over-sized, goofy sunglasses with stars on them. Both because the site of first impressions rewards gimmicks to start conversations, and because I wanted to browse incognito. Even knowing I would be paired with anonymous strangers, I felt slightly uneasy and the glasses provided protection.


A Contributor and blogger at True/Slant,
Hill is also an Editor at Above the Law.

Posted by Holden Oliver (Kitzbühel Desk) at March 5, 2010 11:59 PM


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